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How to Work From Home as a Babysitter


Babysitters play a very important role in our society. After all, for many parents, what could be more valuable than the health and safety of their child? However, even in the face of this fact, the pay scale for babysitters is highly subject to too many external factors. Chief among these factors is geographic location. Having said that, this article will show you how to work from home as a babysitter as profitably as possible, no matter which state you may be babysitting in.

Skills and Qualifications

Babysitters may range from teenagers who are still in high school, to more mature individuals who have plenty of spare time. There is no fixed or standard educational qualification for babysitters. Most babysitting clients, though, prefer their children’s sitters to at least have a high school diploma.

Here are the basic skills that are desirable in a babysitter:

  • A genuine love for children
  • A friendly but authoritative personality
  • Presence of mind, calmness and an even disposition
  • Knowledge in first aid, inclusive of poison control
  • Knowledge in home security protocols
  • A high boredom threshold
  • Facility in oral and written English
  • Ability to simultaneously communicate effectively with adults (the parents) and kids using age-appropriate language
  • Familiarity with non-violent children’s games
  • High sense of responsibility
  • Familiarity with the safe operation of common household appliances

Employment Sectors to Target

The primary demographic that provides a good supply of babysitting jobs is that of married couples who work outside of the home. Single parents are the next demographic, followed by couples who want some time off for themselves, followed by parents who have a temporary illness or are temporarily incapacitated. And finally by parents who need to go out of town for a brief period. In the latter case, the babysitter usually works under the direction or guidance of a surrogate parent (usually a close relative or friend).

Job Responsibilities

A babysitter is responsible for making sure that:

  • Her charge is properly fed and adequately clothed
  • Standards of hygiene and sanitation in the babysitting household are maintained
  • Security and accident protocols in the babysitting household are enforced
  • Her charge is kept suitably entertained while the parents are away
  • Agreed-upon schedules and routines are followed with the least bit of deviation (This is especially important in the case of schedules for playing, doing homework, and sleeping.)


Babysitting rates vary according to location.  For example, in San Francisco, the average rate for babysitters per child, per hour, stands at $14.00. Meanwhile, it is pegged at $9.75 per hour, per child, in St. Louis.

Getting  the Competitive Edge

You can give yourself added value as a babysitter no matter where you may be located by:

  • Having knowledge of a secondary language such as Spanish. This is an asset, particularly when the sitter is working in a region with a high density of multiracial communities.
  • Knowing how to drive. This would also be an asset, since it could come handy in case of emergencies.
  • Being licensed and bonded for housecleaning jobs.
  • Being knowledgeable in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), along with other first aid skills.

Simply upgrading your skills can improve your chances of learning how to work from home as a babysitter profitably, while giving you a sense of self-fulfillment.

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